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Myers Tailoring is a market defining brand showing strong international growth. We are pioneers at everything we do, and we work hard to keep it that way. Our pioneering spirit generates a contagious energy, which is what enables us to keep putting new ideas into practice. Our strength lies in our formula: straight, to the point and still personal. Fast and effective. Combining craftsmanship with flair.

Myers Tailoring offers a luxurious custom clothing service. We consider it our job to provide the latest styles and trends to our clients. Be it casual, elegant or professional; it is our duty to make sure our clients look incredible.

We offer World- Class bespoke Tailored Suits, Shirts and Slacks, Jackets, Blazers, Top Coats, Designer Ties & Cuff Links and Corporate Uniform Programs, all hand made by the best Hong Kong Tailors. Moreover, our clients can choose from a vast selection of fabrics including the finest wools, linens, cottons, silks and cashemeres.

At Myers Tailoring, we know that, If you look good, you feel great; hence it is our duty to make clients happy by offering unique tailored clothing that will compliment their lifestyle at affordable prices.

In addition, we promise to meet our goal by providing unique measurement which will guarantee a perfect fit including customizing your suit or shirt at no extra cost.

Book your appointment today and let Myers provide a new look for you on your most important day.

  • Harry Thadani
  • Sales director for USA, Central and South America
  • Email : info@HKmyersInternational.com
  • Mexico Cell : +521 5552156706
  • China Cell : +86 18906626619

  • Peter Thadani
  • Sales director for USA, Central and South America
  • Email : info@HKmyersinternational.com
  • Mexico Cell : +521 5585401693

  • Jose Stuardo Ju├írez
  • Business associates for Central America
  • Email : jose@HKmyersinternational.com
  • Phone : +502 5306 5000

  • Sasha
  • Marketing Manager
  • Email : sasha@HKmyersinternational.com

All Together We Have!!!

Fine Materials
Crombie's centuries of accumulated expertise ensures quality control at every stage of production, from purchase of raw materials through to finished cloth and tailored garments.
An illustrious and rich legacy built on expert craftmanship has established Crombie as the purveyor of fine British fashion to Royal households and leading public and political figures over the last three centuries.
Nice Design
Tailoring is of the highest importance. Our products are made to the highest standards and research. An incredible combination of traditional and innovative modern techniques.